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Safety stickers

Residue security labels VOID OPEN (leaves the marking on the surface)

When you try to remove the safety sticker it will leave OPEN VOID inscription on the sealing surface. You can also personalize these inscriptions.





Non-resudue security labels VOID OPEN (does not leave the marking on the surface)

When you try to remove the safety sticker, it will not leave the marking on the surface to be sealed, but the text OPEN VOID will appear on the sticker. These incriptions can be personalized.




Perforated security tape (KTL)

The security tape KTL shall leave the marking both on the sealing surface and on the tape itself. Standard text: OPEN VOID, but it can be personalized..



Hologram stickers

Custom hologram image and design.
Protected against counterfeiting. By adjusting the hologram image, anti-fraud results will be significantly better. You get hologram stickers that have full holographic visual appeal for additional secutiry. 



Security sticker with metal coating MRP2

These are fragile stickers (with integrated self-destructive function). The foil coating provides instant detection of the invasion attempt. With the help of the tester, it will immediately show if the seal has been mechanically damaged.





Safety stickers:

Using safety stickers will allow you to quickly and visibly detect if someone has tried to gain unauthorized access to devices, documents, and more. This, in turn, will allow you to take control easily and without a large investments.   The offered safety stickers are more commonly used by security institutions, they allow quickly verify that the unauthorized access has occurred.  If someone tries to tear off the safety stickers, they will leave the imprint on the surface or seal. However, when you try to put the safety sticker back on, it will be obvious that the safety sticker is damaged.

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