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Safety bags and wallets

Opaque disposable security bags

Disposable safety bags are designed for transporting money, important documents and valuables. Depending on the type of application, they are available with different levels of protection.





Transparent disposable security bags

Transparent disposable bags are widely used in medicine, agriculture, industry and money transportation. Due to the wide range of applications of the bags - they are available in different sizes, although they can be made on request.





Courier envelopes for documents

Self-adhesive polyethylene envelopes for couriers and document transportation. Envelopes will protect documents from getting wet.






Reusable security bags and wallets  

Reusable safety bags, that are sealed at closing, are suitable for collection services, hotels, wholesale outlets, casinos, money storage and transportation.



Safety wallets

Reusable safety wallets, that are sealed at closing, are suitable for storing and transporting accounting and record keeping documents, in medicine, aviation, retail, banking and elsewhere.

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