Seals are the most convenient solution that allows you to quickly and efficiently control and make sure that no unauthorized access to the object, cargo, etc. has occurred. We offer the widest selection of the seals: plastic seals and metal seals. We offer only seals from the best European manufacturers. This allows our customers to quickly find and choose the highest quality and most suitable seals for the specific situation.

Classification of the seals: 
Metal seals - more secure than plastic seals, as they can be equipped with additional security features. Special tools are required to remove seals.
Plastic seals - economical solution for effective control. Easy to apply and lock, easy to remove without additional tools.
Types of metal seals:
Lead seals - the universal solution in various fields - from measuring devices to freight transport, especially in rail transport. The sealing requires the special wire and sealing rods, which are also used to personalize the seal (number, date, etc.).
Aluminium seals - used in case of particularly high security requirements, such as customs, as well as for the protection of various measuring devices. The sealing wire and rods are required to fix the seal.
Cable seals - mainly for freight transport - for sealing trucks and containers. They have a durable metal housing and flexible steel wire. Seals are available in different sizes and with different degrees of load resistance.
Tape seals - fixed length seals made of durable metal tape, which are widely used as the standard for sealing trucks, as well as in the customs industry. Each seal has the unique 7-digit numeration. These seals are also recommended by the State Revenue Service (SRS).
Container seals - seals of the highest security class for sealing any type of container. Complies with the worldwide freight standard SO/PAS 17712 in accordance with C-TPAT regulations.
Types of plastic seals:
Roto seals - the most popular solution for sealing water meters. Additional personalization of the seal with the company name, logo, telephone number is available.
Seals for security bags - specially designed for reusable wallets and security bags.
Universal plastic seals with the locking mechanism - widely used in various industries. The seals are equipped with the security wire, which is fixed with the metal locking mechanism. Personalization is possible.
Clip seals - a suitable solution for various types of meters and measuring devices. The seal is applied by passing the wire through it and locking it with the click mechanism. For additional security, the seal can be marked from the inside or from the outside.
Medical container seals - easy to use and lock with the click mechanism. The seal withstands steam during the sterilization process and can be used in both Aesculap and medical containers from other manufacturers. The seal is equipped with the special indicator that provides an additional possibility of unauthorized access control.
We offer appropriately certified, high-quality metal and plastic seals from various leading European manufacturers for various needs. All products are properly certified and approved for use in accordance with national legislation.


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